Sunday, May 16, 2010

Horoscope According To MoonSign (ChandraRashi-Indian style)
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Horoscope for June 2010 :


Difficult day with worry on the mind due to some unknown source. Atmosphere at home & work not congenial. Thinking process will be under pressure so try to reschedule important assignments for the day.


Positive day with work and personal life in good nick. Progress possible in career while marketing & Pr work also favorable. Romance can be favorable


Family issues are important while money matters occupy your mind today. Not much activity during the day. avoid money transaction.


Good feel throughout the day with personal progress and happiness possible today. Marriage as well as romance is happy while imagination runs wild today.

5. LEO (SINH) :

Difficult day with not much work possible today. Mind is mostly distracted while chances of losing money possible. Avoid major money transaction as well as try to reschedule important matters to some other day.


Gainful day with some money coming in from an unexpected source. marriage as well as romance is happy & eventful. Good day to wrap up deals.


Dynamic & eventful day with pending matters getting solved today. Initiative taken to complete work today will give good returns. Mostly a busy and fulfilling day.


Slow day with most of the matters getting postponed to some other day Some news possible from a foreign source. some worry could engulf you about a matter related to your paternal side.


Difficult day mostly with problems old & new keeping you occupied for most of the day. Avoid major meetings or journey today. Hurdles in work throughout.


Romance and marriage are happy today since mood will be uplifted and carefree for the major part of the day. Progress in work & career matters to possible today.


Aggresive start to a favorable day. Matters related to career / jobs are mostly favorable. Hard work / new projects favorable.


Passive day mostly with many matters getting postponed to some other day. Thought process is in the overdrive and planning will yield better results than actual action.


Horoscope According To SunSign (European Style) :

Horoscope for June 2010 :

1. ARIES (MAR21-APR20) :

Your deep craving for socializing will come forth in the first half of the day. You may wish to invite relatives at home. At work, differences with bosses may become evident in the evening, which may hinder your progress too. Curb your ego and learn to go with the flow.

2. TAURUS (APR21-MAY20) :

Although you are impatient by nature, today you would be able to deal with everything patiently. Your seniors and subordinates will support you in all your ventures in the second half of the day. This is indeed a positive and constructive day for you.

3. GEMINI (MAY21-JUN21) :

You may have to pay more attention to your family. Spending some time with your family is likely. However, watch out that cyclic activities like cooking, cleaning house and other jobs might make your day dull. You may wish to go out and enjoy the later part of the day.

4. CANCER (JUN22-JUL22) :

You will use your brain power in the work place and it will bring satisfying profits today. You may like to give a new look to the inside of your office. Think twice before venturing into any new business deals later in the day. Always keep in mind prevention is better than cure..

5. LEO (JUL23-AUG23) :

Beginning of the day could be cool or very normal. First part of the day is more or less uneventful. In second part, everyone will appreciate and praise you for your positive qualities. You may also be concerned about personality development. Actually, here on, you may be motivated to do something extra ordinary in life.

6. VIRGO (AUG24-SEP23) :

A expressive day for you. Your display of emotions might help you find ‘someone special’ today. On the contrary, you are likely to haggle with almost everyone in the evening- be it the grocer or the bookseller. This mood to bargain may continue till end of the day but do not to shop beyond your limits.

7. LIBRA (SEP24-OCT23) :

Your family will be your first priority today. You may have plans to modify the interior look of and give a facelift to your house. You may spend the evening in a holy place like temple, mosque, church, etc. Besides, you may go on a small but sweet romantic trip in the evening.

8. SCORPIO (OCT24-NOV22) :

You are likely to understand things quickly as compared to your colleagues. This quality will make you an apple of everyone’s eyes. However, you need to be careful while dealing with your loved ones in the second half of the day. Keep cool.


Household doings may keep you engrossed. This may cause dullness in the evening. If you are waiting for your dream partner, you may get today. You might hear wedding bells in the near future.


Speculations on anything might fetch some benefits for you. If you are in stock market or other commodity market, you can win some fortune. In the second half of the day, your hunger for knowledge may ignite.

11. AQUARIUS (JAN21-FEB18) :

It is a mixed day for you ? not so good and not so bad. Today your mood will change frequently. You should see to it that these mood swings do not affect your work or personal life. Try not to get into conflicts with anyone and pass your day as calmly as possible.

12. PISCES (FEB19-MAR20) :

You may have gains through dealings with companies overseas. Financial windfall is promised today. You will be helpful to everyone around. Your social credit may also increase because of this. In short, it is day to gather good will.